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Handling big data has become an essential function for any business from startup size to multi-national.

Dell has a long history of offering a one-stop scalable solutions for all big data needs whether you are looking for hardware, storage, server data crunching capabilities, network systems or intelligent data management.

Dell is a Texas based IT company that has always centred its business model around bespoke, made to order solutions tailored to client needs.

This philosophy has morphed into one where Dell also caters for larger swathes in the market where it allows for customisation on a smaller scale.

Superfast Servers

If you need to drive your business insights through superfast server speeds, then you need to look no further than Dell’s x86 servers. Because the servers operate through open networking, large amounts of digital data can be moved across platforms at incredible speed. This allows for real time data monitoring and reporting as well as retrieval of data for later analysis. The server system also allows for flexibility in allocating traffic speed for specific projects on the network. There are various types of machines which can scale to your business needs over time, meaning that you can upgrade your setup as you business grows.

Storage solutions

Many businesses are opting for cloud-based storage solutions, but it is still important to have good, reliable, fast and robust on-site storage utilities.

Dell offers affordable storage solutions which range from Gigabyte size hard drives all the way up to multi-terabyte storage nests in on board and external plug-in format.

Dell allows you to design your own storage solution to manage, protect, optimise data as well as software performance. Security is also a priority with Dell offering multi-layers of safeguards to prevent data theft, leaks or loss.

Open networks and switch solutions

Open networks are flexible and fully optimised for a wide array of data and bandwidth intensive software applications.

Dell’s networks allow for simplification of data management, while remaining flexible to your needs without compromising security.

Many companies will try to drive a hard sell for a fully-fledged router, whereas Dell offers a huge choice of switches for you to patch your network as and when you need.

Dell’s IT solutions are also fully integrated with VEEAM hyper-available cloud retrieval facilities.

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