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Virtualisation applications enable you to have more than two operating systems running on one computer at any given time.

One of those operating systems would be physical, actually residing on the PC itself, while the others would be deployed in a virtual setting.

Looking at the concept from a wider perspective, virtualisation applies to any IT setup where one platform can host other devices such as servers, networks, external storage, clients or even software applications.


What virtualisation software is and does

Virtualisation software is also called a hypervisor and by definition, allows one desktop PC or a server to host several operating systems. With virtualisation, you can run more computing and data processes with exactly the same hardware resources.


If you are running a virtual operating system it is simply a number of files, rather than a physical root installation. If, for example, your system is hacked, and you are running your client database on a virtual machine, all you have to do is restore the old version.

Use another Operating System

If you are using a Windows system and need to use a software application which only comes in Apple format, virtualisation allows you to install Mac OS and use it to run the application. It is much more efficient and kinder on processing power to use virtual OS rather than creating a new partition on your hard drive and physically installing it there.

Older apps

Let’s say you own a computer repair business. You still have clients on Windows XP and they need help with apps that have been corrupted. All you need to do is run XP virtually on your benchtop repair rig and fix the problem without needing a dedicated PC to run the software.


Intercomp supplies VMware software to give you virtualisation at your fingertips, allowing you to accelerate your digital migration to the cloud.

VMware has more than 500,000 customers around the world and allows users to manage software applications in a virtual setting on both desktop and cloud setups. VMware is the world leading company supplying virtualisation software and services.


The second option is Microsoft’s Hyper-V which is a very attractive option to setups that rely exclusively on Microsoft operating systems and software. Hyper-V integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure’s services and includes live migration and failover clustering in its features.

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