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As the business world becomes more digitised, the need for scalable data storage is fast becoming a growing need.

Data can be stored on the cloud, but there are still advantages of having your own localised storage, especially if your business is data intensive. Intercomp stocks a wide array of digital storage solutions for any business needs.

One of the most popular brands for storage is Dell, and it is often chosen because it offers a fully scalable portfolio of in-house storage solutions to suit any business’ needs.

Dell offers fully customisable Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) as a single device.

Dell is founded on a business-friendly approach, focused on allowing its users to scale their IT and storage capabilities up or down to cater for demand, growth and seasonality.

This allows users to purchase pieces of hardware and add and grow them as their needs arrive in the future. The design architecture also allows for existing technologies to be integrated with future technologies so you never waste money.


Dell EMC Unity Series

The Dell EMC Unity Series allows users the flexibility of mixing storage between the traditional model and all-flash storage.
It is known to have a very long shelf life and it properly maintained, should have no problems in working at full capacity for over six or seven years.

PowerVault ME4 Series

The affordable, simple, and fast Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series SAN/DAS Storage Series is optimized to run a variety of mixed workload applications – physical and virtual – for small businesses. Whether you need to consolidate your block storage, support the demands of data intensive applications, take advantage of intelligent data management, or optimize your virtual environments, the ME4 Series has been designed to meet your growing business needs.

The NX Series

If you are looking for affordable, reliable next generation Network Attached Storage, then the NX Series could be the ideal solution for your business.

The onboard setup allows for micro-management of data and an efficient process when it comes to sharing it across a network.

When coupled with a Windows Storage Server, results can be improved further. Data drives may be hot swapped and up to 16 GB2 memory can be installed.

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