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Digitisation and automation is essential in today’s modern business world, but to enjoy the benefits of making that transition, you need to be safe in the knowledge that your data and systems are protected against cybercrime.

Phishing attacks, ransomware, hacks and industrial espionage are just some of the threats that businesses have to protect themselves against on a daily basis.

Vanilla security software can help stave off the threat of an attack, but when handling sensitive data such as bank details and personal data, it is not enough.

Anti-Virus software

The first safeguard any business should implement is Anti-Virus software. Windows has upped its game with its Windows 10 native security centre, but there is always room for improvement.

At Intercomp, we stock competitively priced plans for the Avira package which will protect your business against various forms of malware such as Trojans, ransomware and spyware.

We also stock Kaspersky, which has been on the market now for 22 years, providing a robust layer of extra security against all threats.


SonicWall for protection against advanced cyber threats

A firewall is a very effective way to reduce any outside threats to your business. SonicWall systems are very effective against ransomware on a local level, bolstered by additional layers of security at a server level.

The SonicWall Capture Advance Threat Protection Service prevents attacks on your networks in encryption form with Deep Packet Inspection of all traffic in Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) traffic. The SonicWall will also protect against malicious email attacks as well as offering wireless and mobile device protection.


The Barracuda Web Security Gateway

Barracuda systems are designed with businesses in mind to increase security, prevent misuse of internet on company time by setting up policies for different users and groups across a business.

Aside from advanced web protection and Anti-Virus software, the gateway allows you to filter out what is accessible on workstations in your business. The system integrates anti-malware and spyware into a filter system which is integrated and allows for powerful reporting.

The system can be used to prevent access to certain websites, pages and domains and is 100 percent customisable. Essential for any business looking to boost productivity levels. It also boasts email security features and an integrated safety backup feature at local and cloud levels.


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