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If you are into the business of big data, then you are going to need some pretty serious cooling to keep your storage and server centres working at optimal speed and capacity.

At Intercomp, we understand just how important this facet of data management is, especially in a hot climate like Malta’s. This is why we stock a wide range of datacentre cooling solutions to suit any business setup.

Room Air Conditioners

Uniflair LE air conditioning units are perfect for maintaining constant temperature and humidity levels while also maximising on energy efficiency.

These units are suited for both racked and non-racked data centre setups. The units are inbuilt with intelligent technology which monitors the all components and reads the atmospherics of the environment they are in to ensure strict conformity with set parameters. They can be used with Closed Coupled A/C Units for optimal results.


Closed Coupled Air Conditioners

The InRow Chilled Water is responsive to the data processing heat load, meaning that it will adjust its operations to counter the risk of hot air being circled back into the data centre. This is done by adjust fan speed and water temperature for optimal efficiency.

They are available with or without the option for humidity control.

High density server units are a perfect coupling for these modular units and they can be used in tandem with room air conditioners.


InRow Direct Expansion

This series is the most versatile of all units in our repertoire. It is available in air and liquid cooling setups, with our without the humidity regulation feature. Because it is designed as an ‘in row’ configuration, it is ideal for businesses which might be planning on growth in the future. It is a high density solution and packs a big cooling punch in relation to its size and cost.

Thermal Containment

Thermal containment solutions are very well represented by the EcoAisle unit. As the name suggests, this cooling solution is very big on energy efficiency with the ability to cool even the most challenging of data centres. The unit features Active Flow Control which allows it to match cooling airflow to the heat sensitivity index generated by your data centre.

It can also be used in conjunction with alarms to detect and adjust operations in the event of a fire.

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