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Data is precious. Whether you have an online store or a bricks and mortar store, you need to keep your data safe.

Data is used for everything from keeping customer records to budgeting and extracting business insights through reporting, so it is imperative that it is kept safe, secure and accessible.

You can do this by keeping a backup on the cloud, but it is also a good idea to have your own disaster recovery system.

Dell Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite

Business owners are often lulled into thinking that disaster means flooding, fire or other extreme events. This is true, but disaster in data terms can be as simple as your system going offline, a device malfunctioning, a blown hard disk or even a spilled drink.

All Dell’s back and recovery systems are compatible with its Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite. The suite features AppAssure, Netvacult Backup and vRanger.

Dell backup and disaster recovery systems

Dell offers a huge selection of disaster recovery options to suit all businesses. The systems usually involve small units on disk or tape format.

These can be set to update and make a backup at set times of the day, or continuously. The Dell DR4100 is simple, well priced and includes deduplication, replication and data storage expansion features.

The PowerVault RD1000 Disk Media allows you to protect your data quickly and securely. It is available in 500 GB, 1TB and 2TB sizes. Going up a notch, the PowerVault DL 4000 is a full stack data and application backup system deployed on cloud and physical servers. It has 5.5TB of internal and up to 40 GB of external storage.

The PowerVault RD1000 is a super simple solution for smaller businesses. It connects to any type of server or even a desktop with a standard USB connection allowing you to transfer data on the fly, or by scheduling a transfer task.

Last but not least, the PowerVault TL1000 Tape Autoloader is a tried and tested technology that can backup more date on less space. Featuring nine cartridges, you can simple pull them out when they are full and replace them with new ones or others that have been erased.

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